Student Accommodation On A Budget! 7 Ways To Make Your Halls Your Own

Student Accommodation On A Budget! 7 Ways To Make Your Halls Your Own

So you're off to university.

Maybe you've already moved into your halls of residence or your second year student digs. 

No doubt after a summer at home with all the cosy comforts that involves, you'll be looking around your rather sparse, dreary and potentially worn room wishing you were back in your family house.

Well don't despair.

Making your college accommodation welcoming, warm and non-depressing is easier (and cheaper) than you think.

Just a few clever touches will really make it feel like home and somewhere you actually want to spend your time.

So read on for 7 ways to decorate now...

1. Let there be light 

Specifically fairy lights. These pretty little bulbs are not just for Christmas. String them up against your wall or over your bed, tangle them up and put them in a glass bowl or wind them around shelving and other furniture.

Matalan LED Wire Cage (£12)

And while you can get simple white lights, there are floral versions and animal versions, larger round bulbs and lots of fun LED lighting that will really add ambiance and a touch of style.

2. Comfy, cosy and bright

Lighting isn't the only way to brighten up a space.

L-R: Crushed Velvet Cushion (£10) and Chevron Tassel Throw (£20) at Matalan

Add texture and colour and you'll see a big difference immediately. Comfort and warmth are key, so add in soft cushions and throws to the bed and any seating. 

And investing in a vibrant rug will work wonders. Not only will it add colour but it'll hide what we can almost guarantee is a stained carpet thanks to the room's previous tenants... 

3. Get to work on wall art

If you're lucky your walls will be painted a generic but slightly miserable shade of magnolia.

But this is the perfect backdrop onto which you can add a lot of distracting pictures.

Using blu tack (not pins), put up some posters. This is also a great way to illustrate to anyone who enters your sacred space, which bands you're into, which movies you obsess over and how artistic you are.

Talking of which, if you are arty then why not create some of your own works to hang on the wall?  

4. Go green

Seeing as you'll be spending long nights cramming for finals or working on that dissertation, it's not a bad idea to bring some extra oxygen into the room.

So buy some gorgeous greenery to allow the outside in a bit.

L-R: Smiling Face Potted Plant (£8) and Large Agave Plant (£50) at Matalan

And studybay they don't need to be particularly difficult to care for. Cacti are not only easy to cultivate but are on trend too.

But if you're really not green fingered get the look with an artificial plant instead. 

5. Bring friends and family with you

You may have left your parents, siblings and school friends back home but they can still be with you.

Rather than keeping all your favourite photos of your loved ones on your phone and laptop, print some out and display them in your student room. 

Matalan Multi Aperture Photo Frame (£14)

There are loads of different styles of picture frames that'll make the process a bit more creative and fun and it'll be lovely to see those friendly faces looking back at you on days when you're missing home.

6. A beautiful bed 

You'll be inheriting a bed when you move in and while you can't guarantee it's comfortable and will give you the perfect night's sleep, you can at least make it look welcoming.

After all, there may or may not be a few days when you hole up under your duvet recovering from the night before... 

Matalan Berry Print Duvet Cover (from £10)

So treat yourself to some attractive, colourful bedding and put some thought into matching throws and bedspreads. 

It'll make all the difference having a cosy spot to dive into.  

7. Upcycle and recycle

Charity shops are a treasure trove of cheap but useful bits and pieces.

From storage to wall hangings and crockery to cushions, you can kit out your space and feel good about recycling.

And why not upcycle too?

Make shelves from a wooden stepladder painted in the colour of your choice. Then display your cutest trinkets or use it to hang jewellery from.

If you need a bedside table then think about buying a wicker bin which you can turn upside down.

There are loads of ways to create a stylish environment without blowing your minimal student budget, so get creative.
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