Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween contacts can add a variety of impact to your Halloween costume. Individuals who wear corrective contact lenses typically experiment with costume lenses as well. However when you don't wear contacts on an everyday foundation, would Halloween costume lenses be safe and comfortable for you?

What are Halloween contacts lenses?

Halloween lenses, also called costume or theatrical lenses, are soft contact lenses with a layer of coloration embedded in them. Top of the range costume lenses are produced by the businesses that also manufacture extraordinary (corrective) contact lenses. To make sure that painted particular effect lenses are safe, manufacturers use special paints that don't irritate the fragile surface of your eye.

There are hundreds of various designs: cat's eyes, snake eyes, spirals, white-out and black-out lenses, banshee, vampire red, and many more besides.

Most costume lenses are fully opaque, to hide your real eye color, with a clear middle so you'll be able to see. Just a few designs, like white-out, which creates an effect of blind eyes, are fully opaque, although, so it is suggested to that you wear them only one at a time.

The majority of theatrical contact lenses are round in shape (like corrective lenses) and cover only your iris. Nevertheless, there's additionally a type of lens, called scleral, that covers the complete visible surface of your eye. Scleral lenses are used only for particular effects (not for correction) and usually cost a bit more than spherical ones. Sclerals are additionally more troublesome to put in.

Are costume contact lenses comfortable?

Sure, if you choose the lenses which are proper for you. To make it possible for your lenses are safe and comfortable, it is best to only go for quality model name special impact lenses. Currently the most popular costume lenses available on the market are Wild Eyes, manufactured by Ciba Vision, and Loopy lenses, from Cooper vision. Both brands are made from high-quality materials, feel comfortable in your eyes, and come in variety of thrilling designs.

Quality special impact contacts are comfortable for many people. Actually, if the lens is properly fitted, you should not really feel it at all. Soft contact lenses have no adjustment period and generally feel comfortable in your eyes straight away. Nevertheless, if you happen to don't wear contact lenses daily, you would possibly wish to order your costume contacts in advance and wear them for just a few hours each day, a number of days before the party.

Costume lenses may get a bit less comfortable because the day goes on. The reason is that they can't be as thin as clear corrective lenses - the opaque shade layer adds further thickness - so the lens doesn't let sufficient oxygen get to your eyes. It is recommended to not wear them for longer than eight hours. And it's best to all the time take them out before going to bed.

Do I would like physician's prescription to get particular effect lenses?

It would sound silly, but you do. Corrective or not, costume lenses are medical units, and regardless that most people can wear them without problems, you need to consult your eye physician and get a prescription. Also ask the doctor the way to put your costume lenses in and take them out. All brand name special impact contacts come with clear directions, about putting them in and taking them out, but it takes a little bit of practice.

The place can I get Halloween costume contact lenses?

After getting your prescription comes the time to purchase your lenses. You may order them through the medical doctors office, but this is the most expensive option. You would save so much for those who bought your Halloween lenses from an internet contact lens retailer instead. Just guantee that the shop is reputable and specializes on contact lenses, not just Halloween costumes.
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