Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends

This epic battle is free-to-play on both mobile and via Plarium’s launcher on PC, and there has never been a greater time to get involved. That, after all, means that you would be able to attempt it out proper now without spending a penny.

The game’s flip-based fight will be familiar to fans of big RPG series equivalent to Divinity: Authentic Sin, however it offers its own spin on proceedings by way of its Skills, Artifacts, and Masteries systems. You possibly can equip every of your heroic Champions with up to six artifacts, all of which confer a variety of effects on their performance throughout battles. These Artifacts can drastically alter the optimum playstyle of every hero and will end in a unique experience for each player.

So, what are you able to count on after signing up? Raid: Shadow Legends is chock-filled with content so that you can get stuck into. Most notably, the game consists of over 300 characters to collect, each with their own unique abilities and stats. Genre stalwarts and new players will both enjoy meticulously managing their staff, and guaranteeing they can make the most out of their heroes’ skills – and that’s even before you start experimenting with Artifacts. There are over 10,000 possible builds per Champion, although we don’t suggest attempting to attempt all of them yourself…

The artwork crew working on the game additionally deserve special recognition right here, as both the characters and the environments are gorgeous. Whether it’s raindrops splashing on stone floors, torn flags waving in the wind, or the intricate costume and weapon designs, Raid is remarkably pleasing to the eye.

he enemy design is also detailed and assorted, but it’s the bosses which really stand out. All through your adventure, you’ll face a number of these fearsome foes, and it’s during these encounters that you just’ll must make full use of your workforce administration skills to ensure you can whittle down these big, screen-wide health bars and emerge victorious. You’ll really get a taste of this within the game’s opening minutes, when a dragon ambushes your crew and puts an abrupt finish to an otherwise painless tutorial. Don’t be too disheartened when it destroys your whole workforce in a single hit, though – you’ll get another shot later, concern not.

Raid isn’t just a single-player experience, however. The game additionally gives tense PvP matches in which you possibly can pit your assembled Champions towards another player’s AI-managed squad and see who comes out intact. This mode additionally yields plenty of high-quality rewards, so it’s price focusing on as soon as your staff’s up to scratch. Raid’s devs have also recently introduced a tournament that will function eight streamers going through off in opposition to one another – it may well yield some worthwhile strategic tips (alongside with a chilli-centric forfeit or two).

In case you’d somewhat work with fellow Raiders than send them away with their tails between their legs, you can team up instead and take on cooperative clan-specific challenges. You’ll be up against powerful opponents in clan events and boss battles, but the rewards are price it.

Raid: Shadow Legends’ modern take on the flip-based fantasy style is well worth a look, and RPG players of all levels are certain to seek out something that piques their interest. Download and play the game totally free right now.

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