How To Make A Healthy Chocolate Milkshake

How To Make A Healthy Chocolate Milkshake


Milk - 1cup
Cocoa powder - 1 tablespoon
Chocolate syrup - 2-three tablespoons
Your favorite chocolate energy drink powder - 2 tablespoons
Ice cream - 3 scoops
Sugar - as per your requirement
Whipped cream

After getting all these ingredients, you're all set to make your favorite chocolate milkshake in just 5 simple steps. And guess what! This goes to be healthy too!

Step 1: Convey all the ingredients collectively

Make positive you're decked up with all of the ingredients earlier than you begin to make your chocolate milkshake. Should you miss any of the above within the ingredients, you will not be able to get the desired results.

Step 2: Put all ingredients into the blender

Pour the milk adopted by the cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, ice cream, sugar and your energy drink powder. Mix all this for about when the ingredients mix together and are in a consistent form. If the combination is too runny then you definately might see a layer of froth above the milkshake. In case you are not very fond of this, then you may wish to eliminate this earlier than you serve it.

An experiment like this may deliver out the most effective energy drink for your kids!

Step three: Add more ice cream for thick shakes

If you don't like a runny shake and wish it to be thicker, add more ice cream and mix a little more. The ideal time to mix is to wait till the ice cream to melt within the shake. To check the consistency, it's possible you'll need to put a spoon in the shake to see if it easily passes through. It ought to be difficult to pass a spoon or straw by way of a thick shake normally.

Step four: Serve in a glass

Pour the chocolate milkshake in a glass and add ice if required. You can also pour some chocolate syrup on the walls of the glass to make it look exciting in your kids.

Step 5: Garnish it

After you have this in the glass, it is time so that you can garnish it; this is the most attention-grabbing part! You may be revolutionary to attempt completely different things here. Banana goes well with chocolate shakes; so you would possibly need to cut half a banana into small items and place it on the surface with some whipped cream. You may also add whipped cream topped up with chocolate shavings or nuts.


Drinking milk is just not as nice for each child and so that you may need to put some efforts like this to befriend them to milk. This is much better a form than a regular cup of warm milk. There are quite a lot of things one can do to serve milk in an interesting and exciting way. The healthy chocolate milk shake is just one among them.

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