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Most doctors offer patient portals that can also be used to check test results or view a short summary of your visit. You might be able to address some of your remaining concerns with the nurse, or you might simply have to schedule another visit so that those issues get their due. The number of items that your doctor must attend to during a visit has skyrocketed in the last decade. The advent of the electronic medical record (E.M.R.) has changed the nature of the doctor-patient interaction immensely, and most doctors have no choice but to type during your visit. If your doctor looks like someone in a 1950s secretarial pool, typing nonstop, welcome to 21st century medicine.

Find out if your doctor's waiting room offers free wifi, so you can bring a laptop along. Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to addressing medical concerns. Pick out the two or three most important issues and focus on those.

Decide when you need a referral to a health care provider outside of student health, and link with your SHC to get one.Who would you want to make those decisions and guide your care?The annual deductible does not apply to emergency room or urgent care center visits.Anadvance directive is a legal document that allows you to express your end of life, health care wishes ahead of time.UC SHIP provides 100% coverage of allowed charges for emergency room services after a copayment, and 100% coverage of urgent care center allowed charges after a specified copayment.

Not only do different insurance companies have different formularies , each formulary has multiple tiers of coverage, and the formularies are constantly changing . Your doctor's computer system may have the ability to run formulary checks, but these are not always 100 percent reliable. When your doctor recommends a treatment, whether it’s an M.R.I. or an antibiotic or physical therapy, you quite naturally might want to know how much it will cost. And you’d think that the person making the recommendation should be able to tell you. Strange as it is — we doctors usually have no idea what anything costs.
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